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Stack of balanced rocks isolated over a backgroundOne of the treatments that you can benefit from at The Talk Shop is Hypnotherapy from our Clinical Hypnotherapist  Joseph Szakmary. Read on to see how hypnotherapy can be used to assist you.


Hypnosis is a process we enter into in everyday life both knowingly and unknowingly. Hypnosis occurs when our sensory focus is so intense that our other senses slow down or switch off for a while. Examples of this occurring might be times when we feel that time has slowed down or that we are very much “zoned out” from those around us.

When our focus is enhanced and the mind slows down there is a greater chance that we can look at thoughts, feelings or behaviours in a way we might have not been able to previously. We often try to work with these thoughts, feelings and behaviours by way of traditional counselling, though at times our busy and protective thoughts distract us or slow our growth. The combination of hypnosis with counselling has the potential to assist us with greater ease and effectiveness.

Hypnosis and Counselling

There are many different ways to combine hypnosis with counselling. To combine counselling with hypnosis for therapeutic gain some strategies might include:

  • guided imagery – the process of viewing our thoughts, feelings and behaviours as images that can change as we would like them to change,
  • metaphor development – the creation of a story that can acknowledge the past and create a blueprint or narrative of how we would like to live our future,
  • looking forward to plan future behaviours, and
  • looking back to view past events from an alternate perspective.

When combining hypnotherapy with counselling hypnosis may be helpful when working with:

  • addictive behaviours such as gambling, smoking and other substance use,
  • social anxiety,
  • weight management,
  • relationship difficulties,
  • relaxation strategies,
  • mindfulness,
  • a range of traumatic life events,
  • emotion regulation, and
  • anger management.

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