Making high quality mental healthcare accessible for everyone


Our Psychologists specialise in providing therapies for life problems that are affecting your mental health.

These therapies are effective at treating common mental health conditions including anxiety and depression and most childhood problems, and are tailored to your specific needs by your therapist.

‘Mental disorder’ is a term used to describe a range of clinically diagnosable disorders that significantly impact on a person’s emotions, thoughts, social skills and decision-making.

You must be referred by your GP, your psychiatrist or paediatrician in order to receive Medicare covered services. Your GP will need to complete a detailed mental health assessment and prepare a Mental Health Treatment Plan before referring you to a psychologist. You should book a longer session with your GP to enable time for this.

Our Psychologists are also registered with and qualified to see WorkCover or WorkSafe as well as DVA and TAC patients, and your GP can refer you to see any of our Psychologists.

Additionally, our Psychologists can prepare reports recommending counselling (where appropriate) for VOCAT clients, as well as provide VOCAT counselling when approved by VOCAT (Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal).

The majority of our sessions are held in our offices located in Wheelers Hill. In special circumstances, however, home or hospital visits are possible, and these can be arranged by calling the office and speaking with the Practice Manager. Psychologist Home Visits are not able to be bulk billed.