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Consent for recording of therapy sessions for Clinical Supervision

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    Your Clinician is currently a Provisional Psychologist. Part of their final training requires a number of therapy sessions to be observed by their Clinical Supervisor.

    This only takes place with the Client’s consent – which you are under no obligation to give.

    Observation of sessions can be either by the supervisor being in the therapy session in person (with the Client’s verbal consent at the time) or by later reviewing a video recording of the session. The focus of the observation is the Psychologist, not yourself as their Client.

    As a recording will exist for a period beyond the session, a Client must be informed of how the video recording will be handled, and consent must be in writing – this form addresses both.

    This consent form is for the specific purpose of recording sessions for the purpose of Clinical Supervision and does not replace The Talk Shop general consent form you have already agreed to and signed.


    Will I know if a given session will be recorded?

    Yes – you will still be asked at the start of each session if you are comfortable with the session being recorded.

    You can also ask your Clinician to stop the recording at any time during the session.


    How will my sessions be recorded?

    Recording of sessions in our offices uses the office PC and a ‘webcam’.

    For telehealth sessions, the “Jitsi meet” video call will be recorded.

    In both cases, the recording itself is made on its own secure “Jitsi Meet” server (not on the local PC).


    Who has access to the recordings?

    Only your Clinician and their Clinical Supervisor will review the video footage.

    Administrative staff are responsible for controlling access to and destroying the recordings but do not access the content of the recordings.


    What will happen to the recordings after the therapy sessions?

    Your Clinician and their Clinical Supervisor will review the recording during a subsequent supervision session.

    Following that review, the recording will be deleted. Any sessions not reviewed within a reasonable time after the session will also be deleted.



    I have read and understood the above Consent Form, and agree and consent to the recording of therapy sessions for myself and/or the minor(s) under my care for the purpose of Clinical Supervision.


    Please Note: If, after reading this page you are at all unsure of what is written, please discuss it with the psychologist


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