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Telehealth via Telephone Call

What you will need

  • A comfortable, private setting – a quiet place where you won’t be overheard or disturbed, and have minimal distractions
  • The phone for the number you nominated when your appointment was booked
  • Preferably use hands-free via headphones, or speakerphone if being overheard is not of concern (to avoid having to hold the phone to your ear)
  • If using a mobile or cordless phone, the battery charged

How to prepare for your telehealth session

  • Before your appointment time, have your private setting ready for the session
  • Get comfortable
  • Your Clinician will call you for your session

At the end of your telehealth session

Just hang up your phone


To ensure your privacy with a telehealth session:

  • Your Clinician will call you from a private number
  • Your Clinician will want to make sure they are actually speaking to you before they say where they’re calling from
  • By your Clinician calling you, the call won’t appear on your phone bill