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Shi Hui Lee

Shi Hui Lee (Psychologist), BPsych (Honours), MPsych (Educational & Developmental), MAPS

Shi Hui is a Psychologist who has completed her Master of Psychology (Educational and Developmental) at Monash University. She has practical experience that spans across private practice, hospital, education and the social service sector. Shi Hui has also worked with individuals across the lifespan, and from diverse backgrounds at the individual, group and systemic level.

Shi Hui provides counselling and interventions across a range of areas, such as anxiety, depression, emotional and behavioural regulation, grief, trauma, autism and learning difficulties. She draws on a range of evidence-based interventions and theoretical approaches to best suit the needs of the individual. Shi Hui strongly believes in supporting individuals to become strong advocates in their journey, empowering families, and equipping them with skills for facilitating acceptance and growth.

Aside of therapeutic support, Shi Hui provides psychological assessments for individuals who are querying a range of neurodevelopmental conditions (e.g., Autism Spectrum Disorder,  attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder), cognitive and psycho-educational assessments (e.g., for Specific Learning Disorders and Giftedness) for children and adults.

Shi Hui’s first language is English and is highly fluent in Mandarin. She is also able to use conversational Japanese and basic German.


Shi Hui works from our Brandon Park offices.

Please call reception on 1300224665 to book an appointment with Shi Hui.