Making high quality mental healthcare accessible for everyone

Flexible Work for Registered and Clinical Psychologists

If you’re a psychologist who provides outstanding clinical care, then exciting opportunities await you at The Talk Shop. We believe in nurturing the mental and emotional wellbeing of our professionals and showing you the same care that you show your patients.

  • We offer flexibility – set your own hours
  • Industry-leading 70/30 fee split paid weekly
  • Autonomy over your schedule and caseload
  • Huge variety of clients to match your skills & interest
  • We manage the admin so you don't have to
  • Healthy and supportive team culture

At The Talk Shop


Set your own hours

You can control the hours you want to work and when you want to work. We do not believe in holding you to set working hours.

Full calendar

Full calendar

Your calendar is as full as you want it to be. With hundreds on the waiting list we could fill every slot in your calendar for years to come – but we don’t, because we care about you.

Matches your skills & interests

Matches your skills & interests

We deliver a caseload that matches your skills and interests. We have a huge variety of Clients, as over half of Melbourne’s doctors refer to us.


No dollar targets

We don’t have any dollar or appointment targets – that’s not how we measure success

Regular time off

Regular time off 

We encourage you to take regular time off to recharge your batteries


No time-consuming 'administrivia'

Our specialist teams take care of the admin for you from your invoicing, Medicare, NDIS, DVA, bookings and rescheduling, marketing and business activities.

‘You can’t pour from an empty jug’

You’re a caring person in a caring profession. You teach your Clients to nurture their mental and emotional well-being, to manage stress and to avoid burnout. 

Yet practices often don’t care for you, insisting that you see a fast-moving conveyor belt of Clients, on a schedule you have no control over, and fighting you if your clinical recommendations are at odds with business needs. You end up burnt out, demoralised, overwhelmed and battling compassion fatigue. 

The Talk Shop believes in a better way. We show you the same care you show Clients. That’s why our staff stay with us for years.

We’re not after quick bucks at your expense. We’re interested in a long-term, sustainable, mutually beneficial relationship with our Clinicians. We want you to enjoy your work,  provide high-quality care for Clients, earn an enviable income, and know we’ve got your back. 


We respect any time you block out in your diary for writing reports and letters

We work in a collaborative way across our thriving team of Clinicians who provide peer supervision and support

  • New Clinicians are seen as an asset not a threat (did we mention our huge waiting list?)
  • Monthly peer supervision sessions
  • Drawing on each other's expertise and resources
  • Internal referrals
  • Easy transfer of Clients from one Clinician to another to accommodate changing schedules or clinical needs

We deliver a great session fee average without compromising our values by:

  • Making Bulk Billing available to all Clients because we strongly believe in Making High Quality Mental Health Care affordable and accessible to everyone
  • Treating many private Clients and others referred under NDIS, DVA, VOCAT, TAC and WorkCover
  • Ensuring your diary is never empty, unless you want it to be
  • Providing an industry leading 70/30 fee split paid weekly
Clinical Psychologists

We provide opportunities for you to grow in your role and experience a healthy culture.

You’re here to give Clients the best Clinical Care you can provide. We’re here to create a safe, supportive environment for you to do that. 

With more than 140,000 appointments under our belt, we have a wealth of experience you can draw on to manage complex situations. And if there’s any Client you prefer not to work with for whatever reason, we’ll support you in that decision. 

When you’re supported and protected from burn out, you can make a significant difference in a hurting world.

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