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Oliver Santiago

Clinical Psychology Registrar
Diploma in Counselling & Communications

Bachelor of Arts Psychology
Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology
Masters of Applied Psychology-Clinical


Oliver’s experiences in the field of Psychological sciences have spanned a period of 13 years. These acquired knowledge has come from the community, organisational, educational and hospital sectors. He’s an empathic and non-judgemental practitioner who listens intently in his capacity to understand the difficulties that his clients are presented with.

We have our personal journeys and we each take paths that at times may result in us stumbling and hurting. These feelings expose us to pain that makes us vulnerable. When we allow these experiences to influence us rather than inform us, it may, perhaps, lead us away from our individuality and authentic self. Hence, being conscious and appreciating our past experiences and how it impacts our current behaviours, is how Oliver work with his clients. In exploring unresolved conflicts and symptoms that arise can the true journey towards self-healing begin; leading back to the path of individuation and attaining balance in our life. Oliver’s therapeutic style reflects a supportive, eclectic and dynamic approach. He works with his clients to find a style that best suits them. In achieving this, they both can meaningfully collaborate and focus on the affect and expression of emotions that arise through the exploration of experiences and relationships.


Areas of interest: Anxiety, depression, couples’ therapy, child/adolescent therapy, demoralisation, attitudes and behaviours, personality disorder, comprehensive psychological assessments (projective and objective).


Oliver is available weekday afternoons and after-hours at our Little Collins Street office 

Please call reception on 1300224665 to book an appointment with Oliver