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Psychology graduate positions

Congratulations on your graduation!

Did you know you absolutely can start your career in private practice?  In fact, you’ll be the envy of your peers when you secure a position at The Talk Shop.

  • Develop your skills
  • Provide high-quality care
  • Escape the admin grind
  • Earn an enviable income
  • Know we’ve got your back
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What’s different at The Talk Shop

The Talk Shop’s Thrive Early Career Psychologist Program smooths your transition into professional life, making our private practice the best place to start your psychology career.

That’s because we do things differently at The Talk Shop.

Other practices may run their staff into the ground, tie you to a rigid schedule, or be driven by making money – rather than making a difference.

We’re not like that.

We care for you, so you can care for our Clients. We don’t run you into the ground with a conveyor belt of Clients who don’t match your skills and interests. Instead, we guide and support you as you develop your professional skills in a collaborative team environment of early career and highly experienced Psychologists and Practice Managers.

You’ll earn an enviable income and you’ll also have time to improve Clients’ lives and time to enjoy your own.

Thrive Early Career Psychologist Program

Our Thrive Early Career Psychologist Program supports you as you transition from psychology student to professional Psychologist.

Matches your skills & interests
Supportive team environment
  • Monthly peer supervision sessions
  • Drawing on our combined expertise and resources
  • Collaborative working style
  • Able to decline seeing Clients you’re not comfortable with or whose needs are not suited to your skillset
Opportunity to grow in your role
  • Varied caseload to develop your skills
  • Tailored caseload for special interest areas
  • Wise advice and support for complex situations
  • Management that supports your clinical recommendations
Regular time off
Work-life balance
  • Set your own hours – we don't tie you to set hours
  • Your calendar is as full as you want it to be
  • Regular time off encouraged
  • Culture that protects you from burnout

At The Talk Shop, we enable you to focus on becoming a great Psychologist by freeing you from time-consuming ‘administrivia’.

You treat Clients. We do the rest. We manage your admin, billing and appointments, according to the hours you set.

Get your career off to a great start with The Talk Shop

Get in touch and we’ll help you explore your career options at The Talk Shop.

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