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Linda Finnin

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Music
Graduate Diploma in Child Psychotherapy Studies
Graduate Diploma in Psychology
Honours Degree of Bachelor of Arts
Master of Psychology (Educational & Developmental)

Linda has experience working in a range of settings including primary and secondary schools, and private practice. Linda enjoys supporting the well being of adult clients facing a range of developmental issues including:

  • Parenting difficulties
  • Wellbeing issues including anxiety and depression
  • Transition to adulthood
  • Mid-life concerns

Linda draws upon evidence-based psychological strategies including interpersonal therapy, psycho-education, mindfulness, stress management skills, and cognitive behavioural therapy. Ultimately though, she understands that the therapeutic alliance is the most powerful factor in effecting psychological healing. As such, Linda strives to meet each client where they are at and collaborates with individuals to support their wellbeing in the way they find most helpful.

Linda is available at our Braeside office.

Please call reception on 1300224665 to book an appointment with Linda.