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Careers at The Talk Shop

  • Avoid Administrivia
  • Set Your Own Working Days
  • Select Your Preferred Presentations


  • You studied for years to become a Psychologist to practice in the areas that interest you
  • You want to do therapy, not administration
  • You want to help as many people as possible in your working day without getting burned out
  • You want a healthy, collegiate and supportive team culture
  • You want to select your days of work
  • You want a helpful Reception Team to do all the annoying incidentals
  • You want autonomy and respect for your professionalism, then…

Some Numbers…

We’ve been doing this for

  • 10 years and
  • Our first Psychologist is still with us and
  • We’ve organised over 160,000 appointments and
  • We’ve helped more Clients than we can poke a stick at and
  • We have over 60 Psychologists working with us and
  • We’re 10-out-of-10 proud of what we’re doing, who we’re doing it with and the people we’re giving a better life to.

We’re Not Psychologists…

and that’s a
good thing!

The Talk Shop is managed by people who are not psychologists. It’s managed by people who know how to run a psychology business. We’ve made loads of mistakes when it comes to running the business.

So we’ve learned a heck of a lot.

So now we are practising preventative maintenance and improvement by constantly updating systems, tweaking security protocols, enhancing communications, training staff, and looking after marketing, legal and accounting.

And this means… you don’t have to think about any of this. We simply get on with it in the background and take care of it all.

This is how we are able to allow you to focus on using your skills to help clients.


You are a dedicated psychologist who’s focused on helping people overcome their mental health problems. You want to concentrate all your skills, training and compassion on your clients to help them find a brighter future amidst their dark times. You’ll walk the extra mile, stay up to date with the latest psychological practices and use all your skills to help your clients find their peace.

You care.

Sound like you? Then we’d like to meet so you can sound us out and we can do the same.

The Bottom Line

We’re committed to long-term mutually beneficial relationships and we bend over backwards to keep our people happy. Currently, we’re looking to take on a few more psychologists so we can help more people live a meaningful, peaceful and enjoyable life.

Would you like to be part of the solution?

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