Making high quality mental healthcare accessible for everyone

Low-cost counselling

When you’re ready to take the first step on your mental health journey, you don’t want to join a long waiting list.

You want to get started now so you can make progress.

The Talk Shop offers timely access to low cost paid appointments with our Provisional, Registered or Clinical Psychologists.

Benefits of choosing a paid appointment

At The Talk Shop, we are proud to make high-quality mental health care accessible to all. We offer bulk-billed appointments to anyone who’d like one – so why would you pay to see one of our Psychologists? Client demand is extraordinarily high for bulk-billed appointments and the waiting list is very long, so choosing a low-cost paid appointment gives you more access, choice and convenience.


Get seen in days not months so you can start your recovery sooner


Choose a Psychologist with the right experience, skills and characteristics 


Daytime and after-hours appointments so care fits your schedule

Provisional, Registered and Clinical Psychologists

We have three kinds of psychologists at The Talk Shop – Provisional, Registered and Clinical Psychologists.

That gives you more choice when it comes to finding the right blend of skill, experience and affordability.

Here’s how they stack up.

Can you get a rebate?

If you’ve chosen to see a Registered or Clinical Psychologist, you can expect to pay a higher fee to reflect their level of qualifications and experience.

But there’s some good news for your wallet here – your out-of-pocket costs can be substantially reduced by a rebate from Medicare or your private health fund.

Here’s how to access a Medicare rebate:

  1. Book a long appointment with your GP to develop a Mental Health Care Plan and a referral to The Talk Shop.
  2. Send us your letter and your plan before your first appointment.
  3. Ensure Medicare has your current bank account details so we can process your rebate.
  4. Pay the full fee at the end of your session, wait a few days, and see the rebate in your account.

Here’s how to use your private health insurance:

  1. Check your policy – psychology is usually listed under extras cover.
  2. Pay the full fee at the end of your session then submit the claim to your health fund and wait for your rebate.

How much does it cost to see a Psychologist?

It depends on their level of experience.

We charge as little as $80 for a face-to-face appointment with one of our fully supervised Provisional Psychologists. It’s an excellent, low-cost counselling option.

Visit our fees page to learn more.

Get started with a paid appointment

Your mental health is so important. If you’re worried about it, then it’s wise to get help as soon as possible. A paid appointment will get you in sooner to see the right psychologist.

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